What we produce in our backyard is world-class in terms of food, wine events and celebrations, not just for the locals but for all visitors to the region. The key to  good taste is simple – surround yourself with good ingredients and people and  you will truly shine, whether it be at the dinner table with the family or at a gathering of thousands. Well done, Marlborough – you really are the star of the taste celebration.

Marlborough can lay claim to starting the modern New Zealand wine industry. Here in the late 1970s, Marlborough produced Sauvignon Blanc, among other varieties, which led to confidence that New Zealand could produce interesting wine.     Today, the Marlborough wine region represents 62% of total vineyard area in the country,   The king varietal here is Sauvignon Blanc, closely followed byPinot Noir and Chardonnay.   The strong contrast between hot sunny days and cool nights help vintners extend the ripening period of their vines like nowhere else, resulting in unique expressions of their grapes. For example, Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough offer unique aromas and flavors, which earns them much praise from wine lovers around the world.